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Celebrating our 100th Year Anniversary 1915 - 2015

Bedford Park - Clearing Industrial Association


The Bedford Park-Clearing Industrial Association

Welcome to the website of the Bedford Park-Clearing Industrial Association (BPCIA). Our mission is to build a partnership of business professionals and government officials working together to protect and foster a healthy business climate through member education, networking events, business retention and planned expansion.

The BPCIA offers the opportunity to be proactive in the community and improve the area around your business. The common goal is to share information that may affect your business and bottom line. The BPCIA is growing due to the commitment of the members, the board of directors, and the elected officials focusing on strengthening the business climate in our area.

Upcoming BPCIA Events

Quarterly Luncheon
February 17

100th Anniversary Celebration
March 26

Annual Meeting
April 21

CPR Training
May 27

Golf Outing
June 11

Golf Outing
August 6

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